Fear is a natural and even useful emotion. The key is to handle it correctly. If fear has held you back from pursuing your heart’s desires due to the fear of failure or looking foolish, business consultant Sandya Brugmann has some important advice for you. Instead of fighting fear, learn to accept it and not let worries hinder your pursuit of your dreams.

We often view fear as an unpleasant emotion and do our best to avoid it. Fear can be paralyzing and trigger our survival instincts, leading to actions that don’t align with our goals. However, Brugmann suggests that fear is an inherent part of being human, and we don’t need to eliminate it entirely.

Our goal isn’t to suppress fear or prevent its occurrence in the future. Instead, we should understand fear, act based on our willpower, and not bury our heads in the sand.

Richard Branson put it differently but conveyed a similar message:

“Fear sometimes makes you wet your pants, but courage makes you act even in wet pants.”

  • Richard Branson, entrepreneur, founder of Virgin Group

While the metaphor may not be elegant, it accurately represents not giving up on your dreams due to fear. Embrace fear as part of life and use the following tips to overcome it and take action.

Accept your fear Consider that your fear is a gift.

Pain and tension help us experience the depths of life. Fear points us toward growth and helps us understand our true selves. Viewing fear from this perspective can evoke curiosity or even gratitude.

Control your instincts

When faced with fear, people typically exhibit fight, flight, or freeze responses. Recognize these instincts and know that decisions made out of fear rarely lead to positive outcomes.

Treat each situation as your choice

In entrepreneurship, things often don’t go according to plan. Embrace Eckhart Tolle’s perspective: “Whatever the moment brings you, treat it as your own choice.” By fully accepting the current circumstances, you avoid emotional resistance, including fear.

Give your all to your work

Immerse yourself fully in your work. Interact with colleagues, activate your thinking abilities, and approach problems creatively from unconventional angles.

Embrace objections and criticism

If you’re doing something new and innovative, expect opposition from those who adhere to traditional thinking. Challenging the status quo can frighten some people or make them feel inadequate for not having thought of it themselves.

“You can measure your success by the amount of criticism you receive.”- Sandya Brugmann

Leverage fear and failures

If you fear failure like most people, turn that fear into your ally. Rethink the definition of failure. “Failure for me is not the exact opposite of success; failure is what happens if I don’t leave my comfort zone.” Viewing any business endeavor through this lens can propel you to take action despite your fears.

Don’t let unnecessary thoughts prevail

You can’t control everything that happens, but you can choose how to react. When something goes wrong, resist the tendency to blame yourself. Reflect instead on the next step toward your goal. Remember, your path to success isn’t dependent on one specific person or opportunity.

Listen to your fear

Learn to recognize the early signs of fear and understand its impact on you. This is a challenging task, according to Sandya Brugmann, as it involves understanding the various subpersonalities that make up who we are. By studying these subpersonalities without judgment, we can grow, change, and make balanced choices based on inner strength.

Find inner peace amidst the storm

“Find a stable and balanced position within yourself and stay there as long as possible,” advises Sandya Brugmann. This is where your self-confidence lies, providing strength to pursue your goals during ups and downs in both work and personal life.

If your well-being and happiness depend solely on external factors, the level of stress will be too high and hinder your success. Shift your focus from external events to maintain your chosen course, make informed decisions, and overcome the tension generated by fear.

By implementing these tips, you can conquer your fears and take action towards achieving your aspirations.