I often hear “I’m lazy to do anything,” or “I’m lazy, so I can’t embrace change,” and it makes me contemplate the nature of laziness.

Here’s a secret – laziness, in the way we often perceive it, does not truly exist. Yes, you will indeed find “laziness” defined in language dictionaries. However, the concept is more nuanced than that.

Typically, what we refer to as laziness is often a manifestation of one of two things:

  1. Fatigue, or in more severe cases, burnout.
  2. A lack of desire to do what is not currently necessary or appealing.

So, when we feel too lazy to do something, it’s usually a sign that we’re profoundly tired and need to rest, or it’s an indicator that we have misaligned our plans with our true interests.

I must confess, I am among those who rarely feel lazy. This isn’t something I boast about, but rather, it’s due to a life approach I adopted at a certain point – to do as much as possible of what I want, and to engage in what I genuinely enjoy.

However, when I do start feeling lazy, as has happened recently, it manifests so vividly that it’s simply impossible to ignore. Nevertheless, I understand that this period is occurring because I need to conclude a task that no longer inspires me. But the so-called “laziness” will slow me down, reminding me of my fatigue and indicating that I’ve diverged from my true path, even if temporarily.

Let me ask, would you feel lazy if you were to inherit $3 million and all you had to do was collect it from the other side of the country? I believe only those who already possess $100 million, and for whom such a figure would not significantly change their lives, might hesitate.

What truly matters is the importance and desire. More specifically, desire alone.

That’s why it’s futile to resist laziness. It’s pointless to exercise willpower when there’s a simple lack of desire. Especially if what you’re feeling is fatigue and apathy instead.

Desire cannot be forced. You either like something or you don’t. It’s incredibly straightforward. That’s why you either act or you don’t. Or you push yourself, depleting the last remnants of your energy.

Take care of yourself! Prioritize rest, pursue personal development for your pleasure, and don’t neglect sleep.