Embracing Happiness Now

How many of us find ourselves caught in the snare of tomorrow’s happiness, eyes fixed on distant horizons, hearts longing for an elusive future joy?

We convince ourselves that happiness is a destination, that it waits for us just around the corner of the next life milestone. When we finish school, get into university, start working—each phase is wrapped in the promise of “it” happening. Tomorrow seems to hold all the glittering prizes.

We create a neverending chain of “once” – once this project is finished, once we land that job, once we buy that dream car, once we achieve that goal. But alas, this view of life might betray us, for the hunger for more never ceases. We catch one fleeting glimpse of happiness, then begin our pursuit anew, never truly embracing it.

Whoever enters university frets about exams and a part-time job. Finish university, and the scramble for work begins, with the fight for precious time. A child is born, and suddenly, sleepless nights unfold and worries about the future sprout. Could everything have been better? Could our studies, relationships, or achievements have been more? If only we had done this or that, had the best car, the best house. But in this relentless chase, we overlook what we possess here and now.

Take a moment and observe children at play. Unlike us, they dwell in the present, fully absorbed in their games, unburdened by yesterday or tomorrow. Children don’t weave dreams of a better tomorrow; they create their joy in the living, breathing moment!

Let’s take a lesson from them and recognize that happiness is not a scheduled stop on life’s journey. It’s not a future event or a past memory. Life itself is happiness, unfettered by time or circumstance.

“There is no way to happiness: happiness is the way!”

So let’s not postpone our joy. Embrace the present and be happy, for the gift of happiness is here, now, and in this very moment!

I wish you happiness!