5 most negative personality traits in a relationship

Note: In addition to the qualities listed below, one can have many bad qualities and this is, of course, not a complete list. For some reason, I would like to focus on only 5 of them in this post.

Listening inattentively

Imagine that you are talking to someone, and you feel that he is not listening to you. Moreover, you often have to repeat the same thing several times. And what’s your reaction? Now try to imagine yourself in the place of the person you are not listening to and imagine his reaction.

Interested people are the most welcome friends and partners. A bad listening skill will bring you a lot of trouble and failure both in your career and in your personal life. Keep this in mind!!

Disregarding other people’s opinions (the love of useless disputes)

You should keep in mind that by presenting your arguments and asserting you are right, you can’t make people change their opinion. It makes no sense to argue about what people see and believe in. The above picture is called the young-old woman. Look at it carefully. There are two types of people: those who see an elderly woman on the picture and those who see a young lady on it. And what happens when these two types of people look at the picture at the same time and express their opinions about it? They argue when they both are right.

Do you enjoy dealing with people who do not take into account or respect your opinion? Think about it!

Underestimating (not expressing gratitude)

Every person is important! We must appreciate those people who are supportive, stand by us and are happy for us. We should thank them even for the smallest things, for the slightest service they have rendered to us, since by doing so we encourage them and give them the necessary incentive, while at the same time making them happy and content.

Successful people are not the most educated and knowledgeable of all. Henry Ford knew nothing about engineering, nor was Andrew Carnegie an expert in steel. The key to their success was to attract smart people and bring them closer to them. And how did they manage to do it? By appreciating and acknowledging them and by expressing sincere gratitude to them. Think about it, you can do the same too.

No one likes ungrateful people; everybody knows that.

Being pessimistic

Be positive! Pessimism plays a negative role in relationships. Do you enjoy being with people who constantly complain and always look gloomy and discontented? I’m sure not. No one likes being with such people. Think about it.

Telling lies

Lies are one of the factors ruining any kind of relationship and are next to betrayal. I guess you have heard about lies that have short legs, and lies that have long noses. They cause you many problems. Take care of your reputation and bear in mind that no one enjoys dealing with swindlers and cheats.