Offense is a quiet little animal that needs care. If you pay attention to it, it will never hurt you. The thing is not to allow it to settle down in your house. If you let it into your heart this will definitely have bad outcomes.

Once this small and seemingly harmless animal settles down in your body, you slowly begin to lose peace and become restless. And although it wants to leave you, you don’t allow it to do so in spite of its desperate attempts to set free.

There are people who easily forgive offense and let go of it; but there are people who never let it go and keep holding onto it for too long and think about it every night. They seem to be carrying it in their hearts, never allowing themselves to let go of it.

In the course of time the little animal that is kept inside us will slowly begin to get used to its environment and won’t ask for setting free. It will gradually start to “eat” us and grow until it becomes enormous and unbearable. Offense will take roots in our body, and the stronger it will get the weaker we will become. The animal will eventually get fatter, thus gradually leading us to lose ourselves.

Do not hold onto your offense; it’s fragile and helpless; release this little animal and let it go to its mom, and believe me it will be a load off your mind!