Love your close people and they will love you back. Inspire them and they will inspire you.

Don’t leave trifles unnoticed as our life is made up of them. When my father was alive I would often call him from my journeys. He used to have his breakfast with the farmers. He lived in a small state to the north-west of Idaho.
When I was in Israel, I would get up at midnight and call him; it would take me only 5-10 minutes. I would tell him:
“Dad, I’m in Israel”.

He would ask me back:

“In Israel?! What’s going on in Israel, my boy”? He would ask it out loud so that everyone could hear his son was calling him from Israel. And I would say again:

“Dad, yesterday they gave a rooftop reception under the stars in my honor”!

“Reception under the stars”?! After that everyone knew that his son had called him from Israel. It took me only 5-10 minutes but it did make his day!

If a father feels his daughter’s kiss on the cheek, it gives him a particular strength. If a husband leaves home still feeling his wife’s embrace, he will be beaming with pleasure all day long. Things like these encourage people to be more self-confident.
So don’t miss this chance as it is the most precious thing that you can have.

One wise man said: “There are many values in life, but the greatest value is when one person cares for another”. There’s nothing more valuable than love. It’s better to live in a tent with your beloved one, than in a luxury apartment alone. So, make sure you remember why you do what you do.

Jim Rohn