Can we be grateful? The point is not just to say “thank you” in return for something good (although it’s definitely a step forward), but it is the feeling of gratitude that can fill your essence and encourage you to give something from you to restore the invisible balance in space and create an atmosphere of harmony around you.

Everything in our life is the result of game and energy interaction. It is, in fact, an all-encompassing energy streaming through many flows and revealing various opportunities.

When we are given a present, it means some of the energy is flowing from its source. It’s usually a very nice process. Each gift is an act of grace and if our inner self has been formed by this time, the gift should be appreciated accordingly. Appreciation implies the aspiration of the soul to gratitude. It means to give more than has been received.
The universe has a law that many of us have experienced – the more you give away, the more you get back. It is extraordinarily generous, but at the same time it acts on the principle of echo and reflection. It sees that you give away and awards you in return. And since the universe is far richer than all of us, its gift is not like that of a king but like that of a Lord.

When you are grateful, you give away unselfishly. It’s particularly important to set an example for the young who are taking their first steps to create a spiritual space. The point is to give them an example of gratitude even if the result is delayed in time.

Gratitude is our very beautiful teacher who, if once appeared in our life, becomes our constant companion, since the first realized desire of gratitude will grow into a necessity and become the need of our heart.
When we learn how to be grateful, our life starts to transform amazingly. First of all we get to feel that we should be thankful for every day of our life.

We wake up in the morning, open the window, breath in fresh air and say – thank you, Lord! The sun will rise, give us warmth and light and we should be grateful for that too. Then we go to the bathroom, take a shower and again are thankful, this time – to water. While walking down the street someone gives you a smile and you are grateful to Lord because He reminded you of His eternal love to you. Having turned on your computer you find out a friend of yours has sent you some nice music, necessary information or just written: “Hi, how are you getting on?”

You understand that it is not at all trivial, since someone has granted some of his time and attention to you, thus directing their energy towards you. At this time a very beautiful flower called gratitude starts to blossom in your heart.
It does also happen that you ask for help, advice, support and are given all generously. However, we mustn’t forget that we should not only consume but give away as well and maintain the energy balance. As for how to express our gratitude – we always have an invisible prompter as our intuition that we should listen to all the time.
When you learn how to be grateful for trifles, you will be amazed to realize that there are no little things in life. Everything matters in this world! Everything that we call a trifle is necessary to create a whole, consistent and real picture of life. A real miracle begins when you open your heart Learn to be grateful, don’t get tired of being thankful, try to notice trifles like: someone helped you find the desired book, someone made you smile (humor is indeed a gift from God), somebody wished you happiness. Be thankful to them.

Be grateful to the universe, to God, to life – they are all one. No matter who you are grateful to, it’s important that the energy of gratitude be constantly emitting from you.